My liposuction experience and post care journey with Jannheal

Hi everyone, I thought I would share some of my personal experience here and give a clearer direction with anyone out there who is thinking of getting a liposuction. To start with, I am just a normal average girl standing at 1.7m with a small pear shape body. I never looked fat to my peers because I guess I knew how to hide my “fats” with my dressing but I was always bothered by my large thighs and little “beer belly” that I know I would not be able to get rid of no matter how much I exercised. 3 years ago, I started researching on non-invasive procedures like fat freeze treatments with big local slimming companies because I was afraid of invasion surgery after watching videos on youtube on how liposuction is done. My advice is “DO NOT WATCH”, it just scares you physiologically. I spent a total of 20K over a period of 6 months just going in and out to the beauty centres and have heat treatment machines rolling on me. Months passed and I did not see that I slimmed down significantly and the sales people at the beauty salon were just pushing me to buy more packages. I think many of you must have encountered similar experiences like me. I was frustrated that having spent the money and time, I did not get the results I desire or expected and my size was growing bigger as the year past as I have a flying job with irregular eating hours. I am not here condemning other slimming centres but unless if you are looking to take a couple of inches off then slimming centre might work for you.

A year ago, I started looking at liposuction procedures and reviews in Asia and was excited about how liposuction can transform my body and make me look sexier so I made the decision to do my tummy liposuction in Taiwan. I booked my tickets for a weekend, flew in, did the surgery and was back to Singapore the next day. I did not expect what was in store for me for the next few weeks. I was bruising really badly and was in pain right after the surgery, I had to lie down for a couple of hours before I can walk properly. I was thinking to myself to endure this pain and that I had finally done this and I will look good in the weeks to come. Boy I was wrong.. The bruising was still bad and in fact got worst after 2 days and my pain has not subsided even after taking the painkillers. I was in so much agony, pain and feeling miserable when I see myself in the mirror all bruised up and thinking why did I put myself through this.

I started googling and researching to see if there are any advice that I could take and that was when I saw Jannheal and a couple of other “massage centres”.  I called Jann and was confuse with the state I was in but Jann was very patient and explained to me that the swollen areas were water and even the hard lumps were trapping water which will be there until it is treated with authentic post lipocare massage. She was very assuring and shared her knowledge and wealth of experience with me. Jann was even willing to help and squeeze in a time slot for me the very next day given that she always has full appointments booked every day. I did speak to the other massage centres but non of them could give me a detailed explanation as Jann did hence I decided to go to her.

The day came when I met Jann for the first time. I was expecting the massage to be painful given the state I was in but to my surprise, it was really comfortable and I nearly fell asleep! She used her special technique on me and I actually had to pee a couple of times during the session. I can feel that my body was expelling the water and I felt much lighter after the first session. I was convinced and had to booked Jann for the next couple of sessions. 5 days later, my bruising was almost gone and I could see my tummy shape coming out and the hard lumps were getting softer and minimized.  Jann also shared that after liposuction, the first stage would be for fluid to be drained out through the urinary system follow which in the second stage, scar tissues would be rectified (in medical terms called fibrosis) in order to prevent indentation (lumping). Post lipo care has to be consistent to see the full results and lumps would keep coming back until it is fully healed. There were also stories of patients who lived with lumps for years and even decades thinking that they were muscles or convince themselves that it will go away but that’s bullshit. My first thought was how miserable that person is going to be.. wake up! The lumps will not go away and you will be bulkier and heavier if you do not have post lipo care. Liposuction without authentic post care will not work. As I has been travelling around quite frequently and did not have time in Singapore to go to Jann, I research for other post lipo care in other countries and I got to try manual lympathic drainage massage which these centres claimed that can work on post lipo patients. To my disappointment, I did not see results and my experience was that the masseurs did not admin treatment on the lipo area and I was having more deep tissue massage which causes me discomfort and pain as I was still bruising after surgery. Hence, MLD did not work for me as a lipo patient.

I honestly do not think that post lipo care actually “existed” or was required after the surgery because NO ONE, even the doctors or nurses would have mentioned that this was required. If this was made know to patients, I would have been more prepared for what is to come after surgery. I feel that the doctors play an important role in educating their patients about the importance of post lipo care massage. For me, I was lucky to find Jann who can help me with her authentic post care but for the others out there who do not know, lipo can “ruin” you potentially if you do not find proper and authentic post care when you have all the hard lumps on your body.
I am post 9 months surgery now and I never felt better with the way I looked each day with my shape showing more. I actually forgot how much pain I was in before and can’t wait to book the next lipo dates for my arms because I know I have Jann to count on.


1.       Lipo is a big thing in your life and to find the right surgeon with experience
2.       Authentic post lipo care is a MUST and Jann is the only person doing it
Her number is 9683 2379/ website:


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